Accelerating Human Learning - Our Raison D'être

We believe education is a path out of poverty. Giving every human the best tools to accelerate their learning, can empower them to take on some of the worlds toughest challenges.

Who are we?

Our team comes from organizations like Tesla, Mailchimp,, UNESCO, The University of Oxford, McGill University and the University of London
We're a team of learners that come from all walks of life. We've found the next evolution of learning involves the marriage of artificial intelligence, applying evidence based learning techniques for the new generation of e-learners.

Learning Is Remembering

How can we say we've learnt something if we don't remember what we've learned? We're a team of learners that come from all walks of life, ALL of us have had a hard time remembering what we learn on a daily basis.

What is efficient learning?

Research has shown that applying spaced repetition, active recall and elements of micro-learning can help with long term retention of memory.